About us

Art'Us Collectors' Collective is a group of passionate private collectors of contemporary art, aiming at making their combined collection available to curators and by that popularizing art to the broad public.

The collectors’ collective is a non-profit organisation, focused on sharing art with the public by supporting artists and exhibitions. On top we directly facilitate and organise exhibitions on a regular basis (see Projects).

This website is a digital contact point for art lovers, artists and curators. However the main proposal of Art’Us to curators and art exhibitors happens beyond this website. By addressing our online data base we offer the artworks in the Art’Us collection as items on loan to museums and other art exhibitors (see Database).

Currently Art’Us consists of four art collections from Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich und Stuttgart.

Over time we plan to expand Art’Us and the pool of available artworks by adding more passionate art collectors who are eager to support a lively exhibition landscape for contemporary art.