What’s on

(Kunstraum Potsdam)

On the website of INDEPENDENT COLLECTORS the exhibition „RealityCheck“ presented by Kunstraum Potsdam and Art’Us Collectors‘ Collective was portrayed in detail. A very big thank you to the INDEPENDENT COLLECTORS Team! For more details about the exhibition please refer to the “Projects” section of our website.

Art’Us in PARNASS Special „Up & Coming“

The Art’Us Collectors’ Collective was portrayed in PARNASS Special “Up & Coming” magazine from August 2019 (text is available in German only). Amongst other things the upcoming exhibition „RealityCheck“ at Kunstraum Potsdam was highlighted (for more information on that exhibition refer to “Projects” on this website). Works shown above were a (small) part of the Potsdam exhibition. Big thank you to PARNASS editor Paula Watzl and editor in chief Silvia Aigner.

„Karin Kneffel - Still“
(Kunsthalle Bremen,
Museum Frieder Burda)

Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden shows the solo exhibition „Still“ by German Art’Us artist Karin Kneffel in the time from 12.10.2019 to 08.03.2020. The exhibition shows Kneffel‘s development from the oversized fruits of the 1990s to the complicated layers of time and space, incorporating monumental paintings and works on paper. The show was previously presented at Kunsthalle Bremen.

„Fiete Stolte - In the Studio“ (The Collectors Chronicle 11)

Art’Us artist Fiete Stolte was interviewed together with his partner Julia by online- and print-magazine „The Collectors Chronicle“ (Issue 11). Great talk with an incredibly versatile German artist. Big thank you to the collectorsagenda-team Sylvia Metz, Julia Rosenbaum and Jasmine Deporta.

„Adrian Sauer - Spektren“
(Museum im Kleihues-Bau, Kornwestheim)

The Museum im Kleihues-Bau in Kornwestheim from 25.05. to 08.09.2019 presented the solo exhibition „Spektren“ by German artist Adrian Sauer. Art’Us was able to contribute the work „Gradient“. The exhibition was accompanied by an illustrated catalogue.

„Barbara Probst - The Moment in Time“
(Le Bal, Paris)

Art’Us Artist Barbara Probst was exhibited in “The Moment in Time” at Le Bal, Paris from 10.05. to 25.08.2019. Using a radio-controlled release system, Barbara Probst typically triggers simultaneous shots of the same event, gesture or action from different distances and angles. The exhibition portraits 20 years of her work and was documented by an illustrated catalogue.

Collection Peters-Messer “You are here”
(Baumwollspinnerei, Leipzig)

Art’Us member Florian Peters-Messer showed 40 positions of his collection from 06.04. to 04.05.2019 at Baumwollspinnerei in Leipzig. „A question of the point of view“ - the exhibition „You are here“ uses this conclusion as starting point and declines it from an artist perspective. The exhibition presents artists who look into the state of current political, social and sociological conditions.

„Chiharu Shiota - Gedankenlinien“
(Museum Sinclair-Haus, Bad Homburg v.d.H.)

With the solo exhibition „Gedankenlinien“ („Line of Thought“) by Japanese Art’Us artist Chiharu Shiota the Museum Sinclair-Haus from 31.03. to 16.06.2019 presenteded a comprehensive view of her profound creative cosmos. Subjects such as memory and forgetting, presence and absence of the body are examined by Chiharu Shiota, alongside the interweaving and multi-faceted nature of human relations. The exhibition was accompanied by an illustrated catalogue.

„Louisa Clement - Remote Control” (Sprengel Museum, Hannover)

From 30.01. to 10.06.2019 Sprengel Museum in Hannover showed the solo exhibition “Remote Control” by German artist Louisa Clement. The Art’Us collection was able to support the exhibition with a group of artworks. The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue and will move on to Ludwig Forum in Aachen where it will be on display from 27.09.2019 to 26.01.2020.